Finally home

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It feels like we’ve been gone all weekend! Oh wait – we have.

Karen and Andrew’s wedding was yesterday. It was beautiful. And now, they’re on their way to Belize, if they’re not there already. With a trip out there Thursday morning to help Karen, the rehearsal Friday night, and the wedding on Saturday, it was a very full weekend. It was a lot of work being a bridesmaid! I’d never been in a wedding before besides being the pianist, so it was a real learning experience for me. I enjoyed it, but honestly, it’s a lot easier being the pianist than a Matron of Honor! It was fun though.

We did get a couple of pictures. One of Stephen and I, and one of Karen and I.

Two things did detract from the whole weekend, though. We had a fiasco with my hair. In short, the stylist had a hard time with my hair, and I wasn’t overly thrilled with the result. I think I was more upset because money is tight, and I ended up paying twice what I was expecting to pay. Oh well – at least I didn’t have to do my own hair for once. And I got 52 new hairpins! *giggle*

But the worst thing about the weekend is that Stephen, Little man, and I all got really sick. Monday or Tuesday, Little man started acting like he didn’t feel well, but we couldn’t find any symptoms other than teething. By Wednesday his nose started running, but he didn’t have a fever. Thursday he was no better. I took him to Fort Mill (an hour away) to go shopping with Karen. By the time I got home, my throat hurt a little. By the end of piano lessons that evening, my throat was killing me, and I was very congested. I spent most of Thursday night in my rocking chair instead of in bed, because I couldn’t sleep lying down. By Friday morning I felt awful. I had caught the virus that Little man had, and I think the reason he was cranky was because his throat hurt. It’s not like he could tell me that, or like that’s an easy thing to figure out!

By the time we got to the rehearsal, both Little man and I were miserable. I felt terrible for being around all those people, knowing I was contagious, but what do you do? I just tried to keep my space from people. Friday night I slept some better, but I was really worried how the day would turn out with me feeling crummy. While I was getting my hair done at the salon Saturday morning, Stephen came to let me know he was going to lay down in the van because he was so dizzy.

The wedding was a whirlwind of events, so even though we were gone for 13 hours, it passed quickly. And we really did enjoy the wedding! But by the time we got home we crashed. We were all so sick by then that Stephen called Preacher to let him know that we might not be in church. And when we got up this morning, we still felt really crummy. We stayed home from church all day. We went back to bed after eating breakfast, and I slept until almost noon! I don’t know when Stephen got up; but both he and Little man woke before me. Little man was kind enough to come into the bedroom to wake me up. :rolleyes_tb: But I didn’t mind a bit.

I got an interesting email from an old friend last night. It really got me thinking about how Christians handle depression. I hope to blog a little bit about it in the next few days, but right now, I’m tired. Hopefully more about it in the morning.

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