Feeling convicted

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Lately Stephen and I have been dealing with a situation. Things have not gone the way we would have planned, but it is largely beyond our control. It is a pretty urgent prayer request, but one that I am not free to share the details of. I will say one thing, though, we need a miracle. And to be honest, we need it soon.

I was very stressed out about everything yesterday, to the point where it honestly ruined my day. Then yesterday evening I needed to call a lady from church about something. She’s a pretty good friend of mine, so even though I had called with a specific question, we ended up talking for a few minutes. She eventually shared a little of something that God has been laying on her heart for her to do. She doesn’t know it, but God began using that very thing to speak to me. She’s barely begun to act on it, but God used it to remind me that He is in control. It was so neat to see how God uses other people to accomplish His plan. I didn’t tell my friend anything about my rough day, but God knew. And He knew that I needed yet another reminder that He is in charge.

Then a bit later, I was browsing the Prairie Homemaker board. I came across this post. It was about being prepared (mostly in relation to Rita and Katrina) but the author was talking about being prepared vs. being stressed and worried. God used that to convict me about my attitude. Yes, things aren’t as I would plan, and yes, we do need a miracle, but my attitude was pretty bad about things. I talked with God about it, confessed my bad attitude, and determined to do my best to have a better attitude. Then, I fell asleep and slept great last night!

It’s amazing how different things look when you have a better attitude. My project for the day: to see how I can have a good attitude.

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