Chili peppers can burn your skin!

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I found out tonight just how sensitive my skin really is. We had been given some peppers (the skinny red ones about 3 inches long), so tonight I began cutting them up to put away for the winter.

I’ve heard to wear gloves, but I didn’t think these would be that hot. Wow – was I ever wrong! I was fine cutting them, rinsing them, and storing them. I accidentally tipped the jar, and some of the liquid ran over my hands. No big deal, I thought, so I washed my hands. Well, a few minutes later, my hands started burning. I figured it would go away.

So we ate supper, and I went to wash the cutting board. I wondered if the juice on the board would spread in the dishwater, so I washed it pretty much last. I had to stop for a moment, because Sam woke up, so I dried my hands to go get him.

That’s when the pain started. My hands (both of them, but my left is far worse than my right) feel like they’re literally on fire. In fact, you can see burn marks on my left hand. I tried aloe – it only works for a couple of seconds. Running my hands under cold water feels good too, but I don’t want to waste water. I think I’ll go run a bowl of ice water and soak my hands – I am very suprised at the intensity of the pain! It is severe. I hopped onto the computer to see if I could find anything on the internet that would help the pain, but so far I’ve found nothing.

I have a new student interview tomorrow afternoon – I really hope that my hands don’t hurt so badly by then!

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