Teaching Little man to help with laundry

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Little man is learning so much! He has learned how to pick up crumbs of food and hand them to me, or sometimes he puts them back on the plate or in the bowl.

So today I decided that I’d start teaching him how to help me with laundry, making a game out of it. So, I put his hamper in the laundry basket, and put him in the basket with the hamper, and slid it across the house to my room where the laundry sorter sits.

What a workout! Ha! I like this way of doing cardio exercise!

:wash_ms: Then, I sorted clothes, and put him back in the basket…and carried it this time to the laundry room. Unfortunately, the clothes in the dryer weren’t dry yet, so Little man didn’t get to help me too much.

I put Little man in his hamper and carried them both across the house back to his room, so we could put the hamper away. He just loves riding in it!

The way I look at it, laundry needs to be done, I need exercise, and Little man wants me to play with him. This way, I accomplish all three things at once! :thumbup_tb:

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