What is happening to our kids?

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Shortly after I finished reading my Bible this morning, the dogs started barking up a storm. I glanced out the window to see what was going on, especially since Buddy was really growling. They were just barking at the neighbor boy walking down the street to catch the bus to school. But it is what I saw that just made me sad.

He was walking down the middle of the road, not looking ahead at where he was going, but instead was looking at something in his hands. His chin-length hair just hung in his eyes, and his shirt was several sizes too large, like the kids today seem to like to wear.

It broke my heart. What is happening to our kids?

What about his parents? Do they know he dresses like that? Do they let him dress so sloppy because they want him to be able to fit in with his friends?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging. It just makes me sad. It makes me want to grab my son and not let him go. It gives me a fierce determination to make sure my children are dressed neatly, to make sure they represent Christ well without shaming His name.

What has happened today to our children?

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