Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Ok, I bought a package of the magic erasers several months ago, thinking they could get the grey marks off my kitchen floor. They didn’t, so the box (and the hardly-used first eraser) got tossed under the kitchen sink and forgotten.

Yesterday, after reading how well the magic erasers could take off soap scum, my interest was piqued once again.

I was tired after church last night, and all I wanted to do was take a hot relaxing bath. I walked into the bathroom to run the water and…ewwww. I needed to clean the tub. I figured I’d give the eraser a try. After all, the tub wasn’t that bad!

As I sat there scrubbing the tub, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The eraser works wonders! It got stuff off my tub that I thought would never come off! Even the greenish minerally-looking stuff that I thought was there to stay! My emotions bounced between wonder and disgust (yuck! Is my shower really this dirty?).

Then I filled the tub and enjoyed a nice hot relaxing bath!

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