I killed it

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Saturday Teresa Johnson brought me a HUGE bag of tomatoes to make into sauce. I stayed up late skinning them, and then put them in my crockpots to start cooking down.

They cooked all day Sunday.

Today I transferred it to my big stockpot to finish boiling it into sauce. I turned the heat up to where it would boil, and then just left it. I’d been checking on it every few minutes. I noticed that it was getting close to sticking, so I turned the heat down.

Not enough, apparently.

I just went in there to check on it again, and I’m pretty sure I burned it. 🙁 I’m so frustrated! All that work for nothing! I took it off the eye, and set it aside so it can cool. I’ll taste it in a few minutes. It might have just stuck on the bottom of the pan, but I’m afraid it’s burned.

Boy, that aggravates me!

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