Humbled once again

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When I played for the funeral last week, I did not expect to be paid. I’m still fairly new to how things are done here in the South, so I figured I wouldn’t worry about itl. Then, at the funeral, I didn’t play very long, so when it was all over, I thought, “Well, that wasn’t very much playing – nothing really to get paid for.”

Lest you think I am materialistic…this is part of the life of a musician. When there are weddings, or funerals, or other events that require music, musicians always wonder who is playing. When I hear of an upcoming wedding, I wonder who the pianist is. I have always wondered. In a way, it’s as if I’m trying to somewhat mentally prepare for an event. “Will I need to be at the rehearsal?” “Will I need to practice?” Questions of this sort always come to mind. I enjoy playing for special events, and I’m always curious who the musicians will be.

Well, the funeral went as expected, and I came home and pretty much forgot about it.

Tonight at church, one of the family members (a friend of mine, and the one who had requested that I play for the funeral) handed me a card and thanked me. I told her it was no big deal to play. I really didn’t mind.

When I opened the card later, tears came to my eyes. They had paid me. More than I expected. But it was such a blessing…at a time when money is tight, and there are many things on our grocery list…and God chooses to use someone in this manner to provide for us.

I really didn’t expect it. It was such an incredible blessing.

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