Gas crisis

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Oh my goodness. Gas is at a total premium right now, isn’t it? We went over to Mom and Dad’s for the evening, and on the way home we passed a gas station. Now, we don’t usually gas up there, because it’s usually $.02 or so more than the gas station up the road.

Gas there was $2.79. It was in the $2.40’s this morning. Well, sometimes, the station up the road (a Hot Spot gas station) still hasn’t raised their prices, so we went to go see. When we got there, regular was still $2.38. We drove around to find a pump…and noticed that the only gas in the entire place was premium gas! They were out of both regular and midgrade.

Before we drove off with an empty tank (in the van, no less, with me driving 3 hours coming this Friday), we decided to check the price for premium gas. We figured if it was below the $2.79 of the other station, we were still doing good. Stephen went to pump gas, and discovered that the price of premium gas was $2.38! We filled the van up. $49 for a tank of gas. I know to some, that might not sound bad, but to us…after filling up on a regular basis for only $20, sometimes $30, it was still a shock. I’m afraid of what the gas prices will look like by the end of the week.

I’m very thankful that we were able to get the gasoline so cheaply. Premium at this station has been running $2.60, so this was nice. Our timing was good too. That parking lot was absolutely packed when we left.

Then, on the way home, we started to notice a knocking sound in Betsy the van’s floorboard. I could have cried! I’m meeting my Hannah girls on Friday! I have to have a vehicle to get there! But upon listening to the location, and when I heard the knocking, I told Stephen that I thought it sounded like the muffler was loose. Wouldn’t you know it, when we got home, that was the exact problem! I, Melody, figured out a car problem before Stephen did!!!!!!! Wonders never cease!

And the blessing in that situation is that we’ll be able to coat-hanger the muffler for a temporary fix.

As soon as we got home, Stephen took the rest of the cash I had and took the Geo back to the gas station to see if he could top off his tank for the lower price. I’m pretty sure they’ll run out of gas anytime now, they were so full, but we wanted to try and see.

And as for the cash – I had to run to Walmart today for some things. I paid by debit as I usually do, but when the Cash Back screen came up it beeped before I could click the “no cash” option. Apparently, the little stylus that I was holding in my hand hit the $100 button!!!!! I was shocked! Thankfully, we had the money in that account, so we won’t overdraft, but I was really upset that it happened at all. The cashier told me it happens a lot with that machine, but that sure didn’t make me happy it happened to me! I decided on the way home to just keep the cash instead of re-deposit it into our account. I figured we could just pay cash for gas this week. I guess keeping the cash out was a good idea.

Stephen just got back. He was able to get gas, but it still cost $17 for his little bitty car – and it was still fairly full. I guess I should be thankful we don’t live in a state where gas is more expensive. I will choose to be thankful! But I will say – I’m not going anywhere for the rest of the week, except church tomorrow night, and the mall on Friday to meet my Hannah girls!

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