Rainy day

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It’s one of those quiet rainy days today. It wasn’t raining when I first got up, but it started pouring just in time for Stephen to leave for work. 🙂 Poor guy – his umbrella was in his car!

The first thing I did today was put together a pan of scallopped potatoes for the funeral this afternoon. I tried to cut off my finger while I was at it too! It didn’t bleed, but it sure stung when I got onion juice in it. I’ll be playing for the funeral this afternoon, so today’s going to be fairly busy.

This weather makes my fibromyalgia flare every time, so I decided a hot bath was in order. It was so relaxing, I fell asleep in the tub, but it was ok since Little man hadn’t woke up yet. Then when I got out I took some more Dong Quai. Hopefully I’ll remember to take it at lunch and dinner too.

I’ll probably leave here today around 12 to head to school. Stephen’ll take Little man from there, and I’ll head over to the funeral home. (One nice thing about it being at the funeral home is they have a real piano! It’s a pretty little baby grand.) As soon as the funeral’s over, I’ll run home, because I have a lesson at 4:30 and a new student coming at 5. And yes, tonight’s dinner (pea soup – yum!) is already in the crockpot.

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