Household Notebook

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Or Control Journal, as FlyLady would call it. It’s a wonderful little tool, if you use it! I made mine when I first signed up with FlyLady. Now I’m trying to redo it (again!). I don’t use it, then I don’t get things done, so I decided I need to figure out why I’m not using it. Probably there’s too much stuff in there. 🙂 I’ve spent a lot of Little man’s naptime today browsing the web looking at other ladies’ household notebooks to see what they have in theirs. I have a few ideas how to tweak mine; now I just need to go do it!

I know another reason I don’t use it is because I don’t have set routines. I get stuff done fairly well, but with the addition of two more piano students, things are going to get busy pretty quickly.

FlyLady has some good ideas, but I don’t agree with everything she says. I still get the email reminders, but I don’t do everything. I started with her routines, and then fizzled. She has some good tips, but a lot of her writings are too self-centered or self-promoting for me.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep getting the FlyLady emails or not. Sometimes the reminders help. But mostly I just go and delete them…

I really need to establish my own routines…and base them on Godly principles instead of “making time for me!”

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