Laundry is more fun

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When you have a little helper! LOL!

I went to fold clothes today. I had the gate up, so I stepped over it, and went in Little man’s room to get a laundry basket from there. It still had a few pairs of jammies that I needed to put away in it. I set it over the gate (where Little man was) and stepped back into his room to get his hamper so I could wash those clothes. When I returned to the baby gate, I found that he had emptied the basket of all the clothes, and had stepped inside it! I quickly got my camera. I did get a picture of him in the basket, but you can’t really see him in it, so I didn’t bother to post it here.

Then I took Little man’s clothes to the laundry room to throw them in the washer. While I was in there, he was playing “Open Shut” with the door – trying to shut me in the laundry room! 🙂 I was cracking up at him, and he just thought he was the funniest little thing.

Then I took the dry clothes out into the living room to fold them, but I set the basket in Stephen’s chair so Little man hopefully wouldn’t mess with them. Nope, I was wrong. He pulled that basket off the chair, and dumped it out too.

Yep, laundry is a lot more fun when you have a little helper!

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