Wow! What a morning!

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Tropical storm Cindy is sweeping the state, so Stephen has the day off work. Kinda hard to work on a house in the rain. It’s not raining here, so he went out to mow the lawn before the rain comes. He came right back in the house and told me I needed to go outside with him and see what he found. He mowed right over a rabbit’s nest with two babies inside it – sound asleep. We stood there looking at them, and then covered the nest back up. Then one of them started moving…so I moved the fluff on top…and he started hopping away…right under the mower! We fished him out, but since we touched him….we figured the mama wouldn’t touch it anymore.

So we took the babies and put them out back with the rest of our animals. We’re fast on our way to having the York Farm! But when these bunnies get older, we’ll release them. We’re not intending to make pets of them.

Then I went inside to make myself coffee. When it was done, I managed to pour it all over my left hand instead of inside the mug! I burned myself pretty good! I just stood there screaming……with Sam just looking at me. Man it hurts! It’s the whole back of my thumb – probably a good 2″ section. And Stephen left the ice pack at church. Grrr. So I have an ice bag wrapped in a towel for my hand.

Guess Stephen gets to wash dishes today! HA!

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