Why can't I just be a mom?

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Why is it that people don’t see that even though my son joined my family through adoption he’s still my SON? I took him home from the hospital. I nursed him. I changed his diapers. I sat up with him when he was sick. I still do those things. Never has he been raised by someone else. So why is it that when people hear that I did not birth him they think less of him? He’s certainly the favorite at church! So why do people introduce him as “This is Little man. His parents are over there. They adopted him.” WHY DOES IT MATTER!

The important thing is he is my son! I take him to all the doctor visits. We paid a lot of money just to have our private lives examined just to see if we’d be fit parents. We paid even more money to our attorney when we went to court. How many parents have to go to court to add a child to their family?

I’m so MAD! I just do NOT understand!

We jumped through hoops to become parents, and we did it gladly. We’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’d pay every penny I possess just to adopt another child! We’ve gone through so much more than the average person just to become parents. Getting pregnant is easy – adoption is not! Why is that not recognized? Why do people not say, “Wow – they adopted. They must have really wanted to have children.” But no. People instead want to know what we paid. They want to know why my child’s mother didn’t want him. They don’t know the details! They weren’t in the room when my child’s birthmother said goodbye and told him how much she loved him!!!! It broke my heart to watch….but no. People just assume that because I’ve adopted my son that his birthmom didn’t want him. Hello!?! It takes guts to go through with placing a child! But people don’t see that either.

Ok, I’ll stop for now. This is becoming long enough. But that doesn’t change how I feel!

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