What a scare

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I had such a scare this afternoon. Stephen called me at 4:30 and told me that they were almost done and that he’d call me on his way home. At 5:30 I realized what time it was and that he hadn’t called me back yet. So I called him. No answer.

By 7 I had called Stephen’s boss….and didn’t get an answer there either! I was totally panicked by then! I was just convinced that Stephen had gotten hurt or mugged on his way home or something.

At 8 the phone rang. It was Stephen. Taking down the scaffolding had taken longer than he anticipated…..even his boss’ wife kept calling to see when they’d be done. But I couldn’t get Stephen because he had left his phone in his car so it wouldn’t get broken.

But when that phone rang…..I heaved a huge sigh of relief! It was so nice to know that he was okay! By the time Stephen got home from work it had been almost 4 hours…..

Then we made onion rings for supper. Yummy!

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