Little goofball!

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We have really been enjoying having Andy here! Last night, we were all just sitting in the living room while Little man was playing. I was concentrating on something, and was pretty much ignoring what he was doing until Stephen told me to look what he was doing.

He had found Andy’s coolers sitting near the freezer, and climbed right in! He sat there playing for almost 10 minutes.

Then today during lunch he was whining because he wanted to touch the ketchup bottle. I don’t know if it was because the bottle was just out of his reach or what, but he sure was thrilled when we handed the bottle to him!

There’s more pictures in the gallery!

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    I just put all the pool pictures on there a minute ago.

  2. Hey, I can’t get into the gallery. How do I do that? I click on pictures and the monoth, but it doesn’t leave the main site.

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