Leading devotionals is convicting!

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I was asked to lead the devotional tomorrow for the God’s Ideal Woman class at church. I’m really looking forward to the class – they are always so much fun. Mrs. Moore asked me to give a devotional on “becoming a woman.”

It’s amazing how I can sit and read Scripture that I’ve heard or read countless times before, and learn something new every time! This is so neat. I went through Proverbs 31, but I came up with so much that it would be better suited for a series than a one-time devotional.

We’re going to Mary Jo’s cloth store for part of our meeting. That place is so big! I hope the girls aren’t overwhelmed with all the choices.

But as I sit here studying, I’m amazed at how God uses His Word to speak to me about what I need to change, even though I’m getting ready to speak to 9- and 10-year-old girls.

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