July Fourth

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Wow…….what a start to a busy day! I woke up shortly after 7, got right up, and started working on things for the party at church this afternoon. We’re having a good ‘ole pig pickin’ for dinner. I like the taste of pork that way, but honestly, it grosses me out to see the pig looking back at me! Blecch!

But I made a huge batch of bbq sauce for today. Joy is making “Southern-style” sauce – vinegar and red pepper – so we decided I’d make mine too. Mine’s hickory smoked brown sugar flavored…..rich and sweet and slightly smoky. I love it! After going for years hating bbq sauce….I just didn’t have one that I liked! I made enough to fill a quart jar and a pint one.

Then I made a double batch of Melody’s Marvelous Doctored-Up Super Rich Chocolate Chunk Brownies. LOL! They have smelled soooo good baking, and I put in a whole bag of chocolate chips (for a 9 x 13 pan). I don’t even care to know how bad they are for you, but them things are good! (I am fully aware my grammar is not accurate – you have to read that paragraph with a Southern twang!)

I’m really excited about the party. Parties at church are always fun, so I’m really looking forward to going.

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