God's Ideal Woman Class

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Ok, so the class was a total blast today. We had 9 girls show up! That is so wonderful! I had been wondering how many girls would come, since last month we only had 4.

We took the girls to Hobby Lobby to buy aprons and things to decorate them with. They filled my van and Mrs. Moore’s SUV. Sam was along for the ride too! HA! A van-ful of little Sam-admirers! What a trip! Poor Sam. 🙂 That lone little boy with 11 women!

It was really fun to give the devotional. The girls were pretty receptive to it. I was hoping to get them to respond to some of my questions, but I think they were a bit shy. But it went over really well.

As nervous as I got for the Mother Daughter Banquet – I wasn’t nervous today. I don’t know why for sure – but I don’t think that 9-year-olds (ok – we had age 8-ish through 15) intimidate me like a roomful of women my age or older can.

It was a real blessing. I can’t wait until next month! They get to decorate their aprons then….now THAT will be a hoot!

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