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I logged on this morning to quick check email, and there was another order! I got so excited. Two orders in 12 hours…..I can definitely handle this!

I’m doing a pizza mystery shop tonight. For some reason, the company Stephen and I have been working for quit offering the pizza shops for a while. We have really missed them too! But I got an email this week and the pizza shops are back. 🙂 I did one Wednesday, and I’m doing the other Gastonia location today.

It works out well. I have to stop at Hobby Lobby this afternoon to pick up more letter beads for this morning’s new order. I haven’t kept them at the house because I never know which letters I’ll need. But these Mama’s bracelets seem to sell so well, that I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be worth it to just keep a few of each letter on hand. I don’t know….those little buggers ain’t cheap! Guess I’ll think on it.

I’m probably just happy because I get to go to Hobby Lobby again. I love that store!

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