It's about time for you to have another one, don't you think?

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How is it that those few simple words can ruin my day? It’s a rainy day, so Stephen couldn’t go to work. He had some running to do, so I went with him.

We were all sitting there talking, and then came the dreaded question. “It’s about time for you to have another one, don’t you think?” Time stopped. I looked at Stephen, hoping he would answer. Nope. All I could manage was “You’ve got to talk to God about that.” Her reply? “Well, you never know…” I told her that after four years of infertility I’m not expecting to become pregnant any time soon. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I think that God can’t or won’t send us a pregnancy – I’m just not as hopeful as I once was. I guess you could say I’m looking at things more realistically now. I mean, chances are…well…slim. God can do a miracle, but I don’t know if that is His will at this time.

(Sigh) Some people just don’t understand. Do people remember that we adopted Little man? Do they realize what they’re really asking?

I’m not angry or upset, just sad. I know that God has everything worked out, but these comments are coming pretty frequently now. People just don’t realize that there may be a good reason why there’s not another little York on the way yet.

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