Too much bleach…

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…can put holes in your laundry! Right before we went to bed last night we threw in a load of diapers to wash. I don’t know what Stephen put in the washer, but I did smell bleach. No big deal.

So today I took them outside to dry on the line. I figured they’d dry pretty quickly in this wonderful 104 degree heat. As I was hanging them, I could smell them. For some reason, all the “stink” didn’t wash out. It didn’t make sense, especially since they were washed with bleach, but I threw them back in the washer. The phone rang, and while I was listening to the insurance salesman, I tried to pour a little bleach into the dispenser. I got more than I wanted, but I didn’t worry about it until I went to hang them on the line the second time.

The bleach ate holes in my diapers! I only found one hole, but it’s definitely a bleach hole. 🙁 I’ve been using the Gerber prefolds (the thick twill ones). I know they’re not the best on the market, but you use what you can get. I could get others on ebay, but I don’t know what to buy. Any suggestions? I’m not switching back to disposables, and I’m really not in the mood to go spend another $50 or so on more cloth diapers.

I normally don’t put bleach in every load, because I know that it can ruin and weaken the fibers in the diapers. But every 4 or 5 loads I’ll add a little bleach to kill the smell. The diapers aren’t bad dry….but when they’re on Sam and they get wet again…they really start to stink. So I add a little bleach when they start to smell funny.

I’d post a “Wanted” request on Freecycle, but I highly doubt that people would have any decent cloth diapers!

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2 thoughts on “Too much bleach…”

  1. How much vinegar? I’ve been putting it in a downy ball and using it in the place of fabric softener for the diaper loads too. That’s probably about 2 or 3 oz – is that enough?

  2. Instead of bleach use plain white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and dry in the sun! No more chemicals – and no more stinky nappies!!

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