I just LOVE mystery shopping!

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I got one of my favorite emails today. “Mystery shop available in your town” YAY! This time it was for my all-time favorite “fast-food” store. They offer huge waves of these shops at a time, but only a couple times a year. So I was quite thrilled to see that it’s back.

So I signed right up to do one for dinner tonight. (Takes long sip of root beer) I was pleasantly suprised to open up my paperwork and find that the questionnaire was not the usual 6-8 pages, but only 4 pages! I left the house, performed the shop, came home and ate the sandwich, submitted the shop online – all in less than 2 hours. That’s pretty good. Especially if you consider that 40 minutes of that was driving time. 🙂

Now, if I can actually go to sleep tonight. That root beer had caffeine in it!

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