Freecyclin' Away!

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I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards a little bit this afternoon. I went through all our tupperware and lids – matched ’em up, and threw out extras that didn’t have a bowl or lid to match. Didn’t have too many to toss, but it cleaned up some room. I also found some casserole dishes I won at a party. They’re nice – I just never use them – so I put them on Freecycle. Hopefully they’ll get taken soon. I just don’t have the room to keep stuff I don’t keep. And it’s also time I started putting offers on Freecycle – I’m always responding to offers! So we’ll see. For those of you who aren’t familliar with Freecycle – I put a link to the main website with my other links on this page. You can also go to their website from here.

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