We have takeoff!

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Today’s the big day! Little man decided to walk on his own today!

I had to put him down on the floor (standing) for a moment and he walked 5 steps to the bed. I cheered so much for him – he turned right around and walked 7 steps back to me. I called Mom I was so excited. I tried to call Stephen, but he didn’t have his phone with him.

Little man continued walking all day – I would put him down and he would just walk and walk…..when we went shopping, I just held hiss hand and let him walk. Then we got home, and Little man decided to show Daddy just how much he could walk on his own.

His record for the day is 15 steps in a row. It is so sweet – he’s all proud of himself! He takes a few steps and just stands there with a huge grin on his face.

I figured that he would just take off and walk one day. He’s been walking so well holding my hand that I knew it wouldn’t be too far off. But today was definitely the day!

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