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Oh goodness – how does one catch up on 9 months?

Little man was born April 26. That week in NICU was terrifying.

It really bothered me when Stephen got saved. If he thought he had gotten saved as a child, but really hadn’t, then what about me? My testimony was so similar to his. And I had been having some serious doubts. So we made an appointment to speak with Preacher about the doubts I was having. Weeks went by, and still I had no peace.

Finally, one Wednesday night, Preacher decided to have a testimony time during the service. Over and over, each person just kept saying how real their salvation was to them, and how much joy they had. I just sat there. I knew that it wasn’t real to me, I had no peace, and no joy. Three days later I had had enough. I finally admitted that I was lost. Stephen had the opportunity to pray with me as I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. We knelt beside our bed to pray – the exact same place where Stephen had gotten saved four months earlier.

That was July 10, 2004 at 11:11 pm. I will never forget that moment. I had been so involved in religion – trying to do, do, do – never realizing that I didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ. I was a Sunday School teacher and the church pianist, but I was as lost as they come.

But God saved me!!!! AMEN!!!

School started as usual but my student load keeps dropping. I’m down to 5 now with another moving in the next month or so. I’m wondering what God has planned – if He’s going to move us from Pilgrim or something like that. I don’t know.

Money’s still tight – in fact – worse than ever with a baby and me losing piano students.

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