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We made it! Little man is part of our forever family now!!!!!

We left early, since we’d never been to the courthouse before. We got there, and the room was empty. Stephen had to go next door to the police station to ask if we were in the right place………they said we were, but our lawyer wasn’t there! So Stephen called his cell, and it turned out that we were at the wrong courthouse!!!!! We drove all over Rock Hill looking for the road the policeman told us the family court was on.

We got there 15 min before we were supposed to go in…..but it was ok. The judge was a friend of our lawyer’s, and she was really sweet. She let us take a picture of us with her, and she even held Little man for a while. When our attorney handed her the adoption decree to sign, he had the wrong one! The judge said it was ok, though, and they’ll mail us a copy.

Little man was being so good…..I was totally sure he’d get hungry again just in time for court, but he didn’t. To celebrate, Stephen and I went to Olive Garden….yummmmm! And their Black Tie Chocolate Mousse is to die for! I got some pics of Little man there…..all sacked out. He was too sweet.

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