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I don’t even know where to start! I’ve been soooo busy the past few days, with Dad, Mom and Andy visiting. Andy left yesterday, and Mom and Dad left this morning. We had a great weekend!
Shortly after Mom and Dad arrived, they herded us into our living room, because they had bought our baby gift already, and wanted us to open it. It was in a large paper bag, with some tissue paper set on top. But the boxes weren’t wrapped. I pulled off the tissue paper, and I saw this Digital Video Recorder box….I thought that they had placed our gift in the camcorder box. But when I saw the DVD burner box….it hit me. My parents bought us a Digital Video Recorder – and all the accessories needed to make DVD’s!!!!! Basically, since they live 850 miles away from us, they bought us stuff so that we can mail them DVD’s of the baby! They wanted to get it for us now, so that when the baby arrives, we’ll be used to using them. Wow….. Talk about humbling!!!!! I think we videoed about the entire weekend!!!
Then, our birthmother was supposed to meet our attorney on Friday. I was pretty curious how it went. Late that afternoon our attorney’s secretary called us. Stephen answered the phone, and then came to tell me who had called.
“That was our attorney’s secretary. He wants us to call him tomorrow.”
(I got so nervous…..I was afraid she had changed her mind, or that there was bad news…….)
“Oh, by the way, he says that he had a good visit with her.” What a relief! When we called our attorney, he told us that he had a great visit with our birthmom, and that we couldn’t have picked a better birthmom! Wow! What a blessing!
Then on Saturday, our profile book arrived in the mail. Amy Miller had all of the copies at Link, so we had asked her to mail us one so we could give it to her. My family went to the Botanical Gardens, which just so happen to be near our birthmom’s house. We called her before we left for the gardens, and asked her if we could bring our book by her house, and if she wanted to, she could meet our family.
When we got there, she did want to meet my family! How cool is that?!?! Poor thing – she had just gotten home from work and out of the shower, but she went to meet my family! It was really cool. She had just had another doctor’s visit on Thursday, so she was telling me about it. She also had another ultrasound picture for us! It’s a great profile shot! It is sooooooo cute!!! Her last baby was a month early. She is 33 weeks right now……and her doctor told her to pack her bags and be ready!!! AARRGGHH!!!!!! That is so SOON! Talk about panic! It’s not that they think she’ll go into labor early, it’s just that she did with the last one so they wanted her to be ready. But I’m definitely panicking now! I’m so ready for a baby, but there’s a lot I wanted done…..that might not get done. But it’s ok. I’ll be working extra hard now to finish things up. Her due date is May 25…..only 6 weeks away! Wow, that is so soon!
Well, this got a lot longer than I thought it would, so I’ll go for now. Just wanted to update y’all on what’s going on at our house!

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