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Today has been such a day.

Stephen came to wake me up shortly after 8. I could tell that something was wrong, but he wouldn’t answer me, no matter what I asked. I finally asked him if he was right with God, and when he didn’t answer I went to go shower.

I gannot begin to explain the heaviness that was on my heart! All I knew to do was pray, so I did.

When I came through the room later, he was kneeling by the bed. He got up with a really strange look on his face. I figured I should quit bugging him, so I just asked if it was something I needed to know. He sat down.

“You know how we were talking about having doubts about your salvation? Well, those weren’t doubts.”

He went on to tell me that he had just gotten saved.

I thought, “This is going to change our lives.”

The church wasw having a baptism service tonight anyways, so Stephen will be baptized tonight. We stopped by his folks’ on the way home to tell them, but I was really saddened by their reactions. “What do you mean saved? I thought you were already saved.”

Yeah, but so did I.

I don’t even know if they’ll even come tonight.

I am really still in shock. I’ve been married to an unsaved man for 2 1/2 years and never suspected. Stephen says that the devil had him deceived – that he thought that he was saved all along! I just feel like I should’ve picked up on it.

I’m also curious how this will play out. What about the call to preach? Does God call someone who isn’t saved? I didn’t think He did. So I’m just wondering what will happen from here.

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