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Is due May 25!
A month or so ago, a man from church came up to us after service, and told us of a pregnant woman that he knew of that was looking to give her baby up for adoption. We passed along our phone number, and waited. To make a long story short, she called today. We spoke for about a half hour. She is due May 25, with a boy. We will meet her in person next Thursday (the 25th).
She had her other babies here in town, so that’s probably where she’ll have this baby too. Nice and close to home! YAY!
I contacted Amy, and she gave me the phone numbers of two attorneys: one in SC and one in NC. We’re supposed to meet with our SC attorney this Saturday, March 20. I was supposed to go to a ladies’ meeting that day, but this is a little more important………
I am so excited….I just can’t believe it. We’re going to be parents!

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