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At the end of August we went and met with Amy at Link. The peace God gave us about going through Link was incredible!

We tried to get a loan through the National Adoption Foundation, but we were turned down due to a mistake on my credit. I was furious! When that was resolved, we were able to get an even better loan through LSI, and on much better terms.

We then had our homestudy done, and we mailed all our paperwork to Link. We were officially a waiting couple as of 10-22-03.

Our church has been incredible! We’re the first adoption they’ve ever experienced, so it’s fun trying to educate them. 🙂

We were able to get a bassinet, stroller, and carseat used but practically new from a family. We also ordered a crib and changing table set off ebay. They’re beautiful. I’m making all the crib bedding, but am waiting for the material I ordered to arrive. I’m also painting Noah’s Ark on the wall. Lots of work, but it’s so worth it.

I’ve been praying that God would see fit to send us our baby by Christmas. It’s close now, so it would take a miracle. I know God can do it, but I’m praying that His Will will be done. Even if that means not by Christmas.

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