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Things have absolutely been FLYING! Less than a week after we mailed our profile and registration papers to Link, a birthmother was looking at our profile! She didn’t pick us, but it’s all right. There were some things about her situation we weren’t so sure we were comfortable with. Now we’re just waiting for our adoption situation to arrive…
Our nursery looks great! The ark is painted on the wall, along with the rainbow and a pair of giraffes. I’ve penciled in some rhinos and a pair of parrots, but have yet to paint them. I’m taking digital pictures every step of the way, so when I have a couple more of the Ark, I’ll put up a nursery page with pictures of everything.
We were also able to get the carseat that goes with our stroller…I’m glad, because they actually can be used together, and we had the adaptor parts and everything! Then, as if that weren’t enough, we got a crib and changer set off ebay, for a great price! Then I was at Wal-Mart yesterday, and saw the exact same crib…:O)
So when I think about it, I think we have all the big things we need for the nursery, unless I’m forgetting something.
I did have to laugh though. One of Stephen’s 5th graders asked prayer for “Miss Melody, so she won’t go wacko waiting for the baby to come.” Hmmm….wonder where she picked that up? That is hilarious! Then just today Stephen came home with a picture and a letter that Sara had drawn. The letter says,
Dear Mrs. Melody.

Please do not go wako while you are waiting. Because we need a Sunday School song teacher and she dose not need to be wako.



Sunday at church, she brought me a picture that she had drawn. It had Stephen and I, and a blue colored baby in a pink bassinet. Definitely a sweet girl.

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