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Our homestudy is less than 2 weeks away. We have all our reference letters ready for the homestudy, and now we’re just waiting for October 11 to come.
We have almost everything out of the nursery now. We’ll leave the loveseat in there, and maybe the trunk and shelf. I’m not sure. We haven’t talked a lot about it. I’ll start painting the mural on the wall probably after our homestudy.
We also got the last few pictures we needed for the Picture Pages; so when I get a chance, I’ll finish those and have them photocopied for Link. I may just drive everything up there myself – I’d feel better knowing they got there safely. I’m not exactly sure, since I don’t know how long it’ll take for June (our caseworker) to finish our homestudy report.
We’re supposed to be getting a bunch of baby things from someone that a family from church works with. They’ll bring the things to us so we can look at them, then we’ll keep what we like. I’m really excited about it, because there’s a bassinet and a stroller that we’ll be getting. We weren’t going to buy a lot of baby things, but these are so inexpensive that we’re going to get them. I can’t justify waiting to get them, and then spending twice as much on those same things.
Hobby Lobby also had patterns on sale this week, so I bought some nursery bedding patterns. I’m going with Charlotte (another sweet lady from church) to a fabric store Saturday to get the material so I can make the sheets and bumpers and stuff. I’m wanting to finish my big quilt first, but we’ll see if I have the discipline to wait!

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