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We have our homestudy date set! It’s October 11. Over a month away! AARRGGHH! But it’s ok, because it gives us a chance to do some things around the house we were meaning to do.
We started moving things out of the nursery last night…what a pain! But now Stephen’s desk is in my studio, and his computer is out on the desk in the living room. The desk is a lot bigger than the one I had in there before, but I’ll get used to it. It’s nice to actually have a desk in there now, instead of a table! I guess I didn’t think of how much work it would be to get the room ready, but it’s started for now.
Stephen also has a physical scheduled for the adoption on Thursday. My doctor has already written her letter of consent, and has mailed it to the house. I should get it probably on Wednesday or Thursday.
So that basically leaves our reference letters, and I think all our paperwork is done for the homestudy. I need to proofread it, and then I’ll mail our general questionnaire back to Ms. Bond so she has it for our appointment. Now, if I can just not get nervous!

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