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We have paperwork everywhere! Our caseworker says that she can have our homestudy complete in a week or so after we submit our papers to her. We’re almost done with the application for her, but we need to get our doctor’s papers and reference letters together as well.
I’ve also begun working on our Picture Pages (Parent Profile) for our birthmother. In a way, it’s like a mini scrapbook about us, with our dear birthmother letter and profile information in it as well. Stephen has filled out the “All About Me” pages, so all I need to do with those is type them into the form to print. We’re doing a quilt theme for the scrapbook part, and I have the cover done. I think I’ve pirated pictures from just about every scrapbook in the house! Right now they’re laying all over the kitchen table, but they’ll get moved soon. It’s a lot of work, but it’s been fun. We’re hoping to have all our paperwork complete and submitted by the first of October. That gives us a month.

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