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We’ve been praying about adopting. So many “little things” have been pointing to adoption that we began praying if that’s what God wanted for us. After Wednesday’s sermon, we both felt God calling us to step out in faith and to pursue adoption. We’ve contacted the Link in NC for information, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

I’m just so excieted to think that our baby could have already been conceived!

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  1. Hi Melody–I absolutely LOVE your website–I feel as if we are friends. I have 2 grown children (I am much older than you), and I have a 12 yr old daughter, who came to us through the miracle of adoption. She was a baby when we got her and I was so old that other passengers on the plane (she came from China), thought I was just escorting her for someone else. I had always wanted to adopt, and I had always wanted to have a large family. I wanted quite despirately to go back to China for another child–but, circumstances prevented this. I should say, prevented it so far, because I have never really given up–although it seems quite impossible now–God can DO ANYTHING–can’t He? My daughter is the most wonderful person, I can’t imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t gotten her. Thanks for listening–again, I love your post. Sincerely, Jasemine.

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