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God showed Himself very clear to us this week. Our chest freezer had been leaking, and all of our food was covered in ice. We had a year’s worth – or close – that we couldn’t get to. Monday Stephen came home with an upright freezer – the Smiths had announced it was free but first-come-first-serve. We can eat meat again! 🙂

Then yesterday Stephen’s dad really got on to me about not buying groceries. Apparently, if we don’t have the $ to buy food, he or some other people will buy them for us. God is good.

But last night is what floors me. Stephen left his wallet on the job in Lancaster, so he drove back there to get it. I went to church alone. I called him on my way home just to let him know so he wouldn’t worry. He had gotten pulled over and got 2 tickets. 1 for speeding, and 1 for not having his license in his posession. I got upset. We don’t have $ to pay them. Then he told me that if he hadn’t gotten stopped, he probably would have been in a serious accident. But it was someone else and not him. Wow.

I was within 10 minutes of the house when I came to a detour. I had to ask the cop for directions. Then I asked why the detour. There had been, as he put it, “a really bad accident.” Had I been any earlier that could have been me!

Not just Stephen but the same thing with me not 6 hours later!!!

What could God have planned for our lives that He saved us both for???

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