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By August 1 we only had $50 in our checking account, and we were flying to MI for our anniversary. Church took up a love offering for us to go to MI. Amount: $185.

Our gas tank was on E and someone slipped $10 on our dash as well – gas to get home!

The next week church took up a love offering for my birthday. Amount: over $200. We were able to pay bills.

An engine mount in my car broke and Stephen was in Statesville, NC. I needed a ride home from the auto body shop. A lady I knew from the CPC took me home from the shop. We paid for the car from our savings acct.

That same week, both computers died. We bought a new computer with cd burner and Win XP. Valued at roughly $1000 – we paid $500. A friend volunteered to look at our laptop. We got it back 11-17, good as new, and with Win 98 instead of Win 95. Cost: Free.

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